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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

In the News

Sorry for the long Delay. I am just sitting back and listening to Insannity and Holmes, with Bill Bennett. Nothing new here to report, unless you count the usual rhetoric of O'Really, Pat"Oh My God"Robertson, and Jerry"Show Me the Money"Falwell. So, I guess I will rant about some of this attack on christmas crap I see in the news.

First of all, if people are worried about Christians being under attack because of happy holidays, as some pundits claim, then the world is in trouble. This baseless claim creates a false dilema of sorts, by stating that if someone does not say merry christmas, they are somehow going to sacrifice your childeren and take away your bible and your way of life. You moronic right wing idiots, is your life really this bankrupt or what. How does this in anyway seem to take away baby jesus and assert that the christian way of life is under attack. You pathetic worms have succeded in turning our country into a bunch of bigots, hell bent on removing anything that does not conform to your religious standards.

Another thing to ponder about, when your at home and only the cat is in the room with you. You are arguing that some people are not saying something to you that you would like to hear, well, I have some news for you, these people could possibly want to tell you more than merry christmas. They could tell you to shove that ego of yours up your right wing card toting ass, and dont not forget to say happy new year. This makes me sick, you people have nothing better to report, how about kids being molested, drunk drivers killing families, or better yet, how about reporting on something other than contrived social ills.

These claims, although good for the ego, can sometimes get out of hand and cause all sorts of economic problems. Lets take a look shall we. The worst news I have read came in the form of a story that reported that some of the megachruches in Florida, you know the ones I am talking about, actually had to close their doors because of lack of attendance, i.e... no one to put money in the pot. I believe walmart and others decided to have a clearance sale on bibles and condoms, maybe that was the reason.


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