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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Lets Get Started

I have created this blog in order to find others that share my view, that is, a common view of the way the US is now, not the way others think it should be; with us common people just living in it and going along with the flow. I finally reached a point in my life where I am frustrated with both sides of the political spectrum. Neither can get us where we need to be and they surely have no clue about how we really live day to day. In the words of Noam C... Americans get their news in 30 minute segments... I would like to start today' post off with the religious zealots that have decided, for better of worse, that they speak for me and you and also like to spend some of our money, for those of you that are dupped into giving to the likes of Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, etc...etc..

So, where is this direct line to "GOD" that they claim to have; along with divine powers of healing and telling of the future. Accordingly, I think that this "GOD" line has been cut off by none other than...well, you know who, for failure to pay. When has Pat Robertson ever been correct in his assumptions that all the bad in the world today has been in response to gays, liberals, bigots, and others he has a dislike and disdain for. He has advocated the murder of Hugo Chavez and the speedy death of a Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, not to mention various other calls for natural disasters to cleanse the infidel from the US. Lets allow for others to call me mad, crazy, and plain wrong about old Pat.

Now I have always wondered why the bible is being used by filthy and unclean false prophets. I believe, with no quantifiable evidence mind you, that Pat and Jerry are using the bible to line their pockets with your money. But, it has been said before: Who am I to stop a fool that wants to part with their money... or something to that effect... or There is a fool born every minute, roughly about 1.3 million of you. I had no idea that "GOD" wanted 20.00 to 40.00 per person for a good old healing prayer that would help you out in your time of need. What some of you people need is to be hit in the head with a tack hammer because you are stupid...that is right, I said STUPID, not ignorant, that would imply that you know better and clearly, you do not. Some of my fellow Americans sit in front of their tv and suck up all that old Pat and Jerry have to say about life, gays, and other assorted people that they hate. You should read the bible for yourselves and stop just reading the specific passages old Pat and Jerry quote...hear is one for you and do not ask me to give it to you, that would be to easy, turn off your tv, blow the dust off the black book, and open it up for yourselves, find and read this; "It is much easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the gates of heaven." I am not concerned about their religious agenda, clearly with the forth comming investigations into corruption in the Republican era, there will not be much of an agenda for them to push on working Americans. I am concerned with the countless people that actually listen to them and then think,"They are correct about America, our way of life, and more specifically, my way of life and I believe I will give them my money and vote." Funny thing happens on the way to the primary, you finally start to think for yourself, but your inner circle has already formed your "voting agenda" for you and now it is too late to turn around.

Next, I would like to consider the other side of this well constructed biased argument. That old Pat and Jerry; (I thought of a business concept that is related to Ben and Jerrys....but more on that later), are just doing "GODS" work of healing, helping the poor and down troden, and converting the infidel gays and hate mongers. This side of the argument is not well constructed, but is biased.
It starts off on Day 1:
Pat and Jerry: Lets get together and minister to the helpless of this great nation.
Pat: Well, Jerry, you know that this is going to take alot of committment and hard work, not to mention money. I do not know if we can pull off such an enormous undertaking.
Jerry: I believe that "GOD" has given us a calling, and to that effect, we must go out and start ourselves a large flock in small rural areas and then we can begin to grow. It is simple economics Pat, if we invest in a fledgeling TV company, it will grow from there.
Pat: Jerry, I have just had a revelation, "GOD" spoke to me and said: Go unto the masses and convert, subvert, misinform and disinform all the good hard working people, also, if you build it they will come. I believe that this is a direct reference to "money" Jerry, and I....I mean, we, will need plenty of money for this project. Jerry, did I ever tell you I hate gay people, I also see them on a daily, Jerry, do you see them too.
Jerry: Pat, your getting off the core issue, money, um, I mean ministering to the american people. I have a good plan to help raise the needed money for our campaign, I call it the Sell A Prayer, modeled after the Telethon. The way I see it Pat, if we sell prayers for 20 to 40 dollars per person, we can, in time get rich. Hey, are you paying attention to me Pat...
Pat: Yeah, yeah, I'm listening to you...I just saw another gay person.

Tune in on Monday for: Tips on how to set up your very own, "Dial a Prayer Line" and Day 2 of "In the Beginning: How Pat and Jerry Came to Be"

Thanks: theengineer


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