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Monday, January 30, 2006

Throughout America

Throughout America’s long and arduous history, many issues have seemingly divided us; at least that is what we are told to believe. Americans suffer from a complexity issue which is only increased by attempting to gain useful information from our respected media outlets. Gone are the days when you read the newspaper or spoke to your neighbor about current events, now you only have watch the news for sound bites and talking points. Can this course be changed before the next civil war is begun?

If the assumption of history being doomed to repeat itself holds, our course has already began and may be all but impossible to correct. Americans have fought in many wars over the last 230 years since we gained independence and we will fight many more. The next war fought could be in our own backyards, school playgrounds, and any other venue that can hold willing men and women. This may seem like an outdated concept, but history can and sometimes does, repeat itself.

Political scholars agree that the first European-Americans fled Europe to escape from the tyranny of the King. Some may go a step further and state explicitly that it was from religious persecution; another form of tyranny. If that is the case as some have stated, then history is holding the course, religious tyranny from the few have repressed that of the many. No longer are the voices of many Americans that vote heard, they are drowned out by those with money and access to the political capital; we should be afraid.

Reasons for not allowing the public any access are simple; like a King on his/her throne, the word is spread and taken in by those that believe and the rest are left to wonder if they will ever be heard. Fear is not the main objective for them, total subservience to them and their policies is, and fear is just one of the tools. Like sheep being lead to the slaughter, many Americans that would normally make rational decisions have a difficult time sorting fact from fiction. This is not made any easier by the second line of defense used by those that want the power, the media.

Current media outlets have made it all the more difficult to extrapolate the truth from their shows and some no longer even attempt. Instead, Americans get their news from a select few outlets that make lies and distortions into fantastic stories and wonderful talking points. This is the goal of the King and his masses, by keeping the public interested in playing tug of war with their neighbors, they assumingly forget the issue at hand. No longer in search of the truth, most just regurgitate what was told on their favorite media channel, hate their neighbor, support the troops, and look at their fellow interlocutor with pure hatred. Why?

The reason is simple, they were told to by someone in power that needs no evidence for their assertions. Like a parent being asked by a child why they can’t do it, they are told because I said so. Many believe that this assertion is the correct one to make and that anyone that dissents is just ignorant of the facts, nothing could be further from the truth. We now have the King and the media in control of what types of information will be disseminated among the willing and how the stage will be set. In the colonies during the Revolution, many print papers were against the war and rallied the Loyalists to arms against the Rebels; history is repeating right in front of the camera.

There has never been a time when Americans would call their own Un-Patriotic and Un-American because of differing points of view, until today. Similarly, some of those that call other Americans these names have never even served in the military and will not send their children in their stead. Many of these Americans have good intentions with the stickers and magnets they place on their cars and a truck to support the troops, but that is all. They will clearly attack and smear the honorable service record of any opposition that differs from their viewpoint. The calling into question of a veterans service record is a dirty trick aimed at getting talking points out to the sheep that usually bah-bah the information without checking the source. Yes, history is surely repeating itself, one step at a time.

Using someone’s service record should be off limits to politicians that feed at the trough of public money and especially to those that send other peoples children to fight their wars no matter the pretense. Many of the political supporters have accused others of denigrating the troops by calling for a withdrawal over time. This is a slap in the face to those that serve, by questioning the service of others that served is the most egregious error they have made. We should not be questioning the manner in which those that served provided protection to us, only they can truly give a full account, not the Swiftboaters. Let us all begin the new year by calling into question the service of the those that have denigrated Mr. Murtha’s service and see who wakes up to the grim reality of truth.

Americans cannot escape the simple truth that your talking points, sound bites, and stickers can only go so far. Every sticker you place on your car is not a rallying cry to service in the military; it is just that a shallow sticker that truly has not meaning and allows for only one answer to be correct. Thus, Americans have engaged in a tug of war by not responding yes to supporting the troops or being with us or against us. We have decided that the truth has no relevance and that by calling others Un-American or Un-Patriotic will win the day. We have been to busy spying on our neighbors and friends to realize what the truth really is and how we were duped. But, as it was once said, history is doomed to repeat itself.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Point by Point

Here are some of my ideas to engage the public and help the Democratic Party make in 06.

1. Spying is a legal issue with a clear legal definition; by contrast, terrorism is a political issue.

2. Use ads that target voters that do not traditionally go with their pocket book. Instead, use keywords and slogans that are easy to remember and identify with to change minds the day of voting.

3. Use the Tom DeLay quote, “ I am Government” against the Republicans by reminding the hourly and mid-income families that the laws this party stood for only applied to the poor and working class. This will touch a nerve with voters that normally do not vote, expect a large outcry by attaching this incident to the “waiter,” common hourly worker who just was told to shove it by the leading political figure.

4. Stop playing the he said/she said game by alerting listeners to follow-up literature and other traditional sites for factual information to rebuke our opponents. Simply ask the voters to make an informed decision with the facts, not just sound bites from one major source.

5. Make use of white paper by leaving more follow-up and contact information. We need to get away from traditional front & back color paper with a small amount of information on it. The first 10 seconds of the message is the most important, make it count in a big way.

6. Begin the issue debate with concise information and then offer a sound resolution, not two or three paragraphs that do not answer the question. This is important to working families; they need to know we will answer their questions with “Direct” conclusions, not switching to another subject.

7. The voting problem is that 72 million Americans did not vote because of various reasons. Stop just using the polls and empower local working citizens by allowing them to play an active part in the process. This is simple in nature, but sadly, most politicians only use their closest allies during campaigns. Let us make the working man and woman feel that they are taking part in history.

8. We need to shy away from referring to the other candidate as our “opponent” and instead connect their names to the issues being presented. This will tend to follow them whenever that particular issue comes up and when their name is mentioned.

9. Instead of accusing our opponents of “spinning” the issue in question, label them as conspiring to cover up, hide, and purposely omit factual information from the American people that will vote.

10. Start using the words fact finding against our opponents. This will automatically attach the stigma of the corruption scandal to them, at taxpayer expense.

Section 2


1. Graphically illustrate how spending has gone up, especially at the expense of “all” hourly workers, not just middle income families. Show this at the white collar level also.

2. Give the voters something tangible, something they can grasp and hold on to, and most importantly of all, believe in.

3. Bring up Medicare for example: Good – If you’re a pharmaceutical company or insurance provider. Bad - If you have to purchase medications on SS.

4. The key to winning these types of issues is to show the voters the “good.” That is, what they were told was the perceived good versus the actual good of the programs once they were in effect. Then you can sit back and hit them with the bad, all the problems it has caused and the increased costs to taxpayers, i.e. the states now have to pay for them.

5. Lets finally win the religion issue for once. By working with small congregations that are upset with current events in politics, we can get more voters on our side.

6. Keep ads with religious right and connect them to our opponents. We need to show the connections with taxpayer money and Pat Robertson, which has been a total waste. This could have been spent to feed and house the poor or help Katrina victims.

7. We must stop just using local politicians and their connected friends to help with campaigns. By using the average American worker on their free weekends, we can get our message out.

8. NSA + the Telephone + Internet = Picture of the Constitution with a slash through it. This has the potential to change some of the least conservative voters’ minds, especially when dealing with freedom of speech and privacy issues.

9. Explain that we do not attack the military service of our veterans and that Republicans, by calling people that do not agree with them un-patriotic and un-American, are denigrating our current and former troops that have served.

10. Label the Republican Party as sneaky by spying on our troops. Most have to make international phone calls to loved ones from the combat zone in Iraq.

The problem with the media can be overcome by aggressively debating these pundits on TV and radio. The key to winning is to call them outright liars and then back it up with proof, although they do not want to hear it. Host online chat forums with online bloggers and anyone else that would like to speak to you. At the end of the secession, speak about the importance of getting up from the monitor and blogging in the neighborhood to help raise awareness. It is fine to blog for the truth, but remind them it will only help those who read online, and that by going out and speaking with local citizens, they will be part of the solution.

Another real and important issue is access by the hourly and mid-income voters in America. If you really want to make a difference, you will need to listen and most importantly, respond. The Democratic Party suffers from scarcity, which is causing you to lose votes in record numbers. We need to get out in the small communities and speak with everyone, not just donors and allies, in other words, while campaigning, make some new friends. Taking this important first step will allow us to plant the seeds of change. Republicans have the clear advantage on this, they routinely respond to phone calls and emails.

We need to put in place a ghost writer in the small towns that routinely writes letters to the editor about our agenda. It is imperative that we use local talents in the bedroom communities for getting our message out. Stop using just the chosen few and use the power of the people to spread our message.

I have not finished my completed works on this particular subject matter, but soon will. The time has come to stop just presenting the truth to those with access and get out and present it to those that are effected. We must aggressively campaign against the crimes that have been committed and connect the dots to the opponents, i.e. stop just name calling and stand up.

We must also attempt to purchase or otherwise design our own newsgroup and agencies. It is becoming increasingly clear that the Democratic Party is having to play catch up with this and it is time to do something about it.